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My background and medium is primarily photography. I am interested in time, both fundamentally and philosophically. I am often thinking about our commonalities as humans.


I have a enduring interest in multiple images, what do multiple images convey that single images do not? What information does a photograph hold that moving image does not? How does the way we view images change our perceptions of the subject matter?  Will forcing a viewer to look harder/differently change a mental narrative? 

I began this website for a new series of work that for now I am calling my Artives.  An aim is to produce a kind of alternative archive with the thousands of pictures on my hard drives that document so much. I am indulging many varied interests and playing around with lots of them, including making new work with facilities on an iPhone.  Some of the work here is finished and has been exhibited, occasionally internationally, however I would like this website to be seen as a container of ideas, thoughts and experiments rather than a portfolio.  

If you find yourself here and would like to make any comments please feel free to get in touch. If you would like to see any of my past work there are some links on the about page .

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