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+D is the working name of this social artist.  It represents that the work is made in collaboration with the creativity of others.  This is often directly, person to person, but +D also acknowledges that no work is made in isolation but is always an interaction with ideas and influences; It is the aim to work with people and places and together, with some added impetus and a bit of knowhow from +D, create work that may stimulate additional interaction and ideas. 
Contact Deborah at
0044 (0)7718827927

What does a social artist do? A social artist aims to create work that seeks to uplift and involve people holistically, engendering interaction, thoughts and ideas. By acting as a catalyst with places and communities attention and new appreciations can be gained and shared. Being a social artist is about making work that is relevant to its context, environment and communities.  It often means being open and inclusive, understanding and diplomatic. Projects may address issues or document and comment on places, spaces and histories.  At the core of any project are investigations, thoughts and ideas with an additional intention of this evolving through the participation of others. 

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