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Milestones support around 1,000 people with learning disabilities, mental health needs and dementia in the Bristol area to live as they choose and achieve their own 'milestones'. 

Expressions is the creative arts program run by Milestones, giving practical support, encouragement and inspiration to both the uses of the trust and the staff that work for the trust.  By employing professional artists to facilitate this provision everyone has the opportunity to be uplifted by creative involvement and the satisfaction of seeing their work presented in the professionally created environment of the Expressions Festival of Creativity program.

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Historical Relations


This work was made over a number of weeks with one resident.  We explored many aspects of her life, both through old photos that she had and by producing new images.

We both enjoyed ourselves and had a lot of laughs and Lorraine also learnt some new skills.

This animation was produced for the 2014 Expressions festival and the images were also published as a book.

It was such a pleasure to work with Brenda and her son Ian creating large wall pieces from their family photos. Now Ian and his carers have visible lasting memories to look at and talk about.  

The Adobe Photo Shop was a great success. Everyone had lots of fun dressing up and messing around for the camera.


You can move these photos around to see them

Playing with Nature is an installation created with images produced by many residents and staff within the care of Milestones.  There were various different kinds of workshops aimed at appreciating the beauty and variety of the nature around us.  The images were then produced digitally using a combination of the workshop images and photographs that residents had taken on day trips, walks and holidays. You can see a film of the installation here

A short film with a little about The Expressions Show from some of the participants 

The big camera

with a dark room inside.  It revisits early photographic processes; watch the film to understand more!

Sue copy.jpg
Sid copy.jpg
Richard copy.jpg
Pam 2 copy.jpg
Michael copy 2.jpg
Lorraine 2 copy.jpg
Joyce copy.jpg
Gordon copy.jpg
 John 2 copy.jpg
 Delroy273 copy.jpg

Some photograms made in the dark room

Busy Hands, photos by lots of participants
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