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The Art Doughnut .... so far ( this is not really a design for the internet as it is too complex.  At some point in the future we hope to produce an animated version that will work better for online engagement.)


Have you heard about Doughnut Economics?


Basically it is about a self-sustaining economy that is good for people and the planet.  


But how can we get there?


Kate Raworth is the creator of 

Doughnut Economics. You can find out more with a quick internet search. 


This graphic is known as the art doughnut. Taking the economic doughnut as its starting point the art doughnut illustrates many of the powerful benefits that artists and creative thought can make in attaining a healthier and fairer world.  It also illustrates many of the negative elements that we must work against!


We need to change just about everything if we are going to survive, developing our creative minds is essential. 



“We may see the overall meaning of art change profoundly – from being an end to being a means, from holding out a promise of perfection in some other realm to demonstrating a way of living meaningfully in this one.”  

                                          Imagining the art of the future, Allan Kaprow



Every human being is an artist, a freedom being, called to participate in transforming and reshaping the conditions, thinking and structures that shape and inform our lives.

                                                                                         Joseph Beuys


Don’t think of Art as a commodity, it is much more precious and important than that. DW

This graphic evolved from research carried out by a group of artists looking at how Artists Make Change.  You can read more about it here.

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