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Me2U Messages to the world

     Me2U is extensively documented on a Face Book page 
where you can also see all the messages collected. Over 850!
  • Me2U Messages for the World

Me2U messages: Is an ongoing art project that acts and interacts with the diverse communities of the world collecting short messages which are delivered to wider communities by a variety of dissemination methods.  It is extensively documented on a Face Book page 
Me2U Messages for the World began life at a festival of Migration in Bristol UK and proceeded from there to collect positive messages from an even more diverse and varied cross section of people from all over the world. Through its participants the messages represent common hopes, wishes, aspirations and concerns, wherever we come from, whatever our age and however we feel we stand as individuals. The project is continuing to symbolically link the people of the world through shared positivity, common ground and compassion.
The hope is that the simple but thoughtful action of applying your mind to a positive outcome may permeate both those that create them and those that experience them. This ethos was really emphasised when I worked with Tibetan refuges in India and inspired the projects atheistic which is based on Tibetan prayer flags. Tibetan prayer flags are traditionally used to promote peace, wisdom, compassion, and strength. The mantras printed on the flags are carried on the wind and believed to spread goodwill and positive energy wherever they go.

This film is a documentation of the project visiting India.
You can see more on the Facebook Page

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Photographing and recording messages created by a group of women working for Dolls for Tibet, in Dharamsala, North India.


Me2U began with a Festival of Migration in Bristol and is growing internationally. 
So far included from Bristol are residents and visitors to
Stapleton Rd, Southmead, The Old Market Quarter, Lawrence Weston, Brentry,Felix Rd Adventure Playground, St Pauls Docklands Youth Centre and Malcolm X, Diverse Artists Network (DAN), and Horfield CofE School, along with communities of young carers and residents with mental heath issues. Earlier Bristol projects can be seen on their FB page 

Manor Farm Bristol
as part of their Window Wonderland

 Me2U visited Rockaway Park


  Me2U Messages go to Venice  

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