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New youth justice framework launches in Greater Manchester


Social Art Summit Thursday 1st & Friday 2nd November 2018

Over two-days artists from around the country came together to share practice, showcase work and explore what it means to be making art through social engagement right now.

Artists, activists, community groups, curators, students, academics, funders and sectors working in the social realm were invited to join the conversation through a series of events at Site Gallery and other venues around the city. Through building a network, showcasing practice and expanding dialogue the Summit will develop agency in the field of art and social practice and test the ground for launching a Social Art Biennale


Social Art Publications is dedicated to developing a portfolio of publications to cultivate, expand and promote knowledge in and about social practice.  

Building from the vision of the Social Art Network (SAN), SAP will develop expanded critical and reflective dialogue around the work of socially engaged practice, be a platform to showcase new work, strengthen peer support for artist book distribution, and be a database of current and historic publications. 

Connected Communities Programme
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Climbing the ladder: socially engaged practice and participation

At the recent two-day Social Making symposium in Plymouth, socially engaged practice was discussed in relation to Arnstein's Ladder, a theory of citizen participation devised in the 1960s. Carolyn Black explores its relevance.



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Heading 4

Can Art Revive South Chicago? These Artists Are Trying To Infuse New Life Into The Neighborhood

Kimberly Jin

What matters is what you do with the image: JR’s Inside Out



Inside Out is about getting images out “into the wild”. It is more visual activism than participatory art. The focus is on putting the images out into the world, on coming up with ways and places to paste and use them to spread a message.

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This is interesting and progressive, you can also see the Manifesto here

October 2019

Interesting conversations at Future Ville Art Summit with big thanks to Art Space Life Space

Dr. Sophie Hope Lecturer at Birkbeck College, University of London and Co-Founder of B+B Curatorial Partnership

Jubilee Arts was a unique community arts organisation based in Sandwell in the Black Country. This web site documents the period 1974-94, two decades of tremendous change. Locked away in the basement of West Bromwich Town Hall since the last century, we’ve dusted off the archive boxes, bringing them back to the light of day.

Mapping the Landscape of Socially Engaged Artistic Practice

Alexis Frasz & Holly Sidford Helicon Collaborative

“Artists are the real architects of change,
not the political legislators who implement change after the fact.”

William S. Burroughs