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I have worked as a socially engaged artist (+D) for many years and have got tired of the compromises that this entails.  I am not going to moan about this here but I did decide that I would go on a research trip to America. I had seen quite a few projects there and felt they were ahead of us in relation to socially engaged projects.  I wasn't wrong.  

​This site is not meant to be conclusive in any way.  I merely noted the places I visited in America.  There is a lot I can say about the projects I visited and socially engaged art generally but I haven't written it up as I fear that my time would be wasted, except perhaps for preaching to the converted.  I will say that I believe socially engaged art projects, if given enough time and funding could, and as a few projects do, REALLY help with some of the big problems in the world.  One of my favourite projects is Assembly, attached to Recess in NYC.  


There are also links to the Open Engagement conference I attended, which was excellent. Unfortunately this was the last one in that format as although, by any standards, it was very successful it was run on more love than money. This I think speaks for itself.  I recommend you spend some time watching the pre conference : Field Notes on Justice and Practice and Field Notes on Justice and Practice: The Artist's Voice which were excellent.  I was also blown away by the key note Henk Willis Thomas. Enjoy 


This site is still evolving in that when I hear about something I try to get around to adding it. I am generally adding long term projects rather than artists.  I am also adding a few interesting articles or research in the blog. I think there is value in having a lot of projects and debate documented in one place. As I said this is very far from conclusive, it is more of a note book of things I have come across and does not even include many writers and projects I already know about!  I hope this may prove useful as pointers to further reseach for other socially engaged artists, perhaps especially students.    

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