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The Stony Island Arts Bank reopened in 2015, the radically restored building serves as a space for neighborhood residents to preserve, access, reimagine and share their heritage – and a destination for artists, scholars, curators, and collectors to research and engage with South Side history.
Arts + Public Life, an initiative of UChicago Arts, provides platforms for artists and access to arts programming through artist residencies, arts education, cultural entrepreneurship, and arts-led programs and events. Arts + Public Life advances and promotes a robust, collaborative, and evolving relationship between the University of Chicago and the South Side’s vibrant civic, cultural, and artistic communities.

Rebuild Foundation is a platform for art, cultural development, and neighborhood transformation. Our projects support artists and strengthen communities by providing free arts programming, creating new cultural amenities, and developing affordable housing, studio, and live-work space.

Our mission is to demonstrate the impact of innovative, ambitious and entrepreneurial arts and cultural initiatives. Our work is informed by three core values: black people matter, black spaces matter, and black objects matter.

We leverage the power and potential of communities, buildings, and objects that others have written off.

Street Level, Urban Gateways’ is a youth digital media center located in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood.

Young people’s voices are often underrepresented in the media; we’re here to help them make awesome art, express their ideas, and tell their stories through digital media. Our programs promote self-expression, communication, and social change.

Program participants can make anything from a mixtape to a movie We offer classes, clubs, workshops, and more.

The Trap House Chicago Company uses street wear, art, and radical restorative justice to transform individuals, communities, and society.

​T.R.A.P. = Truth Reaching All People

The Mission is to transform the city of Chicago by identifying and addressing the root causes of crime, violence, and incarceration.

The trap house store also has resident artists and acts as a supportive hub for the community, especially young men.

I Grow Chicago started in the streets, is supported by the streets, and is transforming the streets. Creating a culture of hope in Englewood, with a community ready to make a difference. All their programs work to combat the traumatic effects of violence and poverty. Through a multi-modal approach, they foster thriving individuals and communities.
The mission of The Corner Project is to revitalize three blocks of a traditional, immigrant working-class main street on Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago’s Avondale neighborhood.  It is based on the belief that this "real Chicago" neighborhood shopping district is an ecosystem, not just buildings that happen to be next to each other; that the scale and character of our 100-year old built environment embodies the heritage of mom-and-pop entrepreneurs, individual property ownership, and local employment which are essential to a culturally diverse, prosperous and livable 21st century urban village. 
Hyde Park Art Center is a hub for contemporary arts in Chicago, serving as a gathering and production space for artists and the broader community to cultivate ideas, impact social change, and connect with new networks. The Art Center functions as an amplifier for today and tomorrow’s creative voices, providing the space to cultivate and create new work and connections.
"It’s not just about art, it’s about connecting people to one another through art."
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