Community media is best defined as a distinctive approach to media that seeks to put participatory principles into practice. Principles that support and promote inclusivity and diversity, and which focus on grass-roots and bottom-up media engagement within a media ecology that is defined by the interests and concerns of the people who are involved in the media practices themselves. Community media addresses issues of access to platforms, tools and methods of distribution, civic empowerment, self-representation and cultural democracy, while also embedding an ethos of accountability and mutuality between communities of interests and communities of practice.
Co-Creating Change is a network and programme which explores the role which artists, cultural organisations and communities can play to co-create change together around the UK and beyond.


Artist Practitioners are agents of imagination, creativity and change

Artist Practitioners are risk takers and survivors.

Artist Practitioners do not prioritise economics.

Culture is the joining of stories. Everyone has a story. Everyone has culture.

We need a new model for Arts Funding.

Bureaucratic institutions are incapable of systemic innovation.

Bureaucratic Institutions are inefficient.

Bureaucratic Institutions cannot support or empower communities.


We seek to change the situation where up to 90% of Art Project budgets are spent on bureaucratic costs.