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Your Bus Ride Is a Battleground: Barbara Kruger Designed NYC MetroCards

The artist created two designs emblazoned with her trademark white-on-red text, posing difficult questions to New York’s straphangers.

art Work

artWork is FABnyc’s podcast exploring at how art works in the world.  Launched in 2016, artWork is an ongoing conversation with culture makers on the role arts and culture can play in strengthening communities. artWork is currently produced by FABnyc, hosted by Executive Director Ryan Gilliam with Associate Producer, Michael Hickey

artWork was originally conceived by former Executive Director Risa Shoup and Denise Shu Mei
With minimal access to fresh, affordable food, the South Bronx in New York City is one of the nation's largest food deserts. But now a floating garden called Swale is growing produce for the community and raising awareness.

Bring Down The WallsCreative Time : May 2018  SCHOOL AND CLUB PROGRAMMING

During daylight hours Bring Down The Walls operated as a school for radical thought and political exchange featuring conversations, workshops, and convenings led by people directly impacted by the prison system and those working to change it. The curriculum represented the broad spectrum of perspectives and voices in the struggle for justice, offering new ways to build deeper knowledge around mass incarceration and prison abolition. Throughout the day, discussions exploring the history of house music were threaded into the dialogue. Direct services were also available for free counseling on civil, legal, and housing issues.

When the sun went down, Bring Down The Walls turned into a dance club, inspired by the ethos of early house music venues, which often functioned as hubs of political engagement as much as spaces of personal liberation and collective transcendence. Programmed in collaboration with Nowadays, a gathering place and party space, each Saturday was hosted by different NYC collectives that celebrate the history and present-day role of nightlife as a haven of relief and transformation in which divisions of race, class, gender, and sexuality are often crossed in unexpected ways.      Pick up your copy of the Bring Down The Walls album on Bandcamp: Video by César Martinez, Creative Time's Leonhardt Cassullo Video Fellow


The U.S. Department of Arts and Culture is a people-powered department — a grassroots action network inciting creativity to shape a culture of empathy, equity, and belonging.

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